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Friday, May 30, 2008

The Little Things

(Photo by Microsoft Clipart) ~~ What is one thing that you still remember to this day that warms your heart and puts a smile on your face? I’ll bet it was something spontaneous and incidental but you still remember it as if it was just yesterday….where you were, who was with you, the sounds and smells.

It’s not anything big - you tune into the little things. It may be a twinkle in the eyes of a loved one as they tell you some exciting news or read something to you that inspired them.

My husband wrote a poem years ago that is one of those special little things that means a lot to me. I have it hanging on the wall.

He was taking some classes in college at the time and not long before that we had left our roots in Toledo and Cape Charles, VA and headed west.

It was 1969 and our trek was similar to a modern-day wagon train except we were in our Volvo station wagon with 2 dogs pulling a U-Haul. We had no jobs and knew no one in Denver and no clue where we were going to stay. You wonder whether we were adventurous or ….. better not say.

It turned out to be adventurous as we have lived in Colorado now for 39 years and have more stories to tell of those times. But for now I'll share the poem he wrote:

When, in a distant place by the sea
And I was young and free and alone
I searched for a special someone
To walk beside, someone I didn’t know
And you were there.

Later, when we left the sea
And came to the mountains
The vastness of this new place
Filled me with fear
But you were there.

I roamed from job to job
From trouble to trouble
Searching for something from within and without.
Yet never quite finding and feeling the doubt
You were there.

And now in this time of finding
This time of happiness and joy
This time of reaching and growing
This time especially for sharing
You are there.

Used By Permission - © Jim Ruppel

The little things make life worth living. All over the world little things are happening this moment. People are giving, and sharing. The sun is shining and the streams are flowing. There is good all around in just taking notice. We don’t have to do extravagant things and make a big noise to touch someone’s heart. It’s the little gestures and kind words – the little things that mean so much.

Do you have some special moments, those little things, you’d like to share?

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Patricia Singleton said...

I have a poem that my daughter wrote and had matted and framed for her dad for Father's Day one year on the wall in our den. I have been blessed with 3 poems that my husband gave to me over the years. The first one he wrote and gave to me shortly after our marriage. When we exchanged wedding vows for our 25th Anniversary, I found that poem and read it to everyone in the church. Unknown to me, Daniel had written a second poem that he read to the church after I read the first one. Neither of us knew the plans of the other one to read the poems. It was beautiful and emotional in the best way.

Pat said...

Patricia - that you for sharing that story. I can tell this was something very special that touched both your hearts.

The words of a poem can be very endearing and expresses our deepest feelings.

To be able to share that with your church and have it turn out the way it did, spontaneously, is very telling of the love you both have for each other.

These little things turn out to be not so little after all with how touched we are by them.

I'm glad you stopped by to tell us your story.