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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Through the Eyes of a Child

(Photos by Microsoft Clipart) ~~ We have a 2-year old grandson and I’m constantly amazed at how he’s constantly present and in the moment. He doesn’t think about what happened yesterday or what he’s going to do tomorrow. It’s right now. That’s all he thinks about and what he is involved with.

Can you remember what it was like to be that free spirit? Can you remember what it was like to see a car, a dog or an airplane for the first time? Oh, the wonder and innocence of a child.

Did we lose the curiosity and pure excitement of just being alive every day? Thrilled with the little things like ants crawling across the sidewall or captured by blowing bubbles hours on end. When did we get so serious?

There are some things I’d like to unlearn and roll back time and go back before it was learned. When it shows up again I’ll pass. Wouldn’t it be nice to undiscover anger, hate or greed?

Yes, we have responsibilities and we know things won’t get done if we don’t do them but I think we take it too far and get stuck. We don’t know how to chill – lighten up and just laugh out loud. We get too concerned about what others might think or the next deadline.

I love it when our grandchildren come up and spend the weekend. They’re all boys ranging in age from 2, 8 and 13. It’s a span from toddler to preteen and testosterone. I learn a lot from them and about myself when they come.

I learn what is the latest music on YouTube, how to dual with light sabers and catch up with the latest Shrek videos I didn’t get to see at the movies. I crawl under the table in the pretend fort and jump on the bed with them. On special moments they climb up on the kitchen counter ready to talk and I don’t want to miss it.

I don’t want to miss it. Miss life and the mystery of life. Children will teach you how if you’ve forgotten. Just watch and listen and follow their lead.

Next time you hear a child giggle pay close attention and feel the joy that comes from the depth of their soul and the freedom of spirit. What would you like to see through the eyes of a child?

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Barbara Swafford said...

Hi Pat,

Children are amazing, aren't they? They do live in the moment, and when they're little, don't have a care in the world.

It's great having grandchildren. When you don't see them very often, their visits become extra special. We learn to make time to play with them, get down to their level and act silly. They make us laugh and giggle.

It is too bad life isn't that way all of the time. But it is a good reminder to be less concerned about what others think and live more freely.

Pat said...

Barbara - you're right. Children are amazing. When they're around they keep you young at heart reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously.

Love it. It feels good to take it all in and enjoy life looking through the eyes of a child.

Thanks for commenting. I enjoy your feedback and visits.