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Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Time to Remember….

(Photos by Microsoft Clipart) ~~ It’s Memorial Day weekend, amidst the barbeques and family gatherings it’s a time set aside when we remember those who have given so much – life and limb – to keep us safe. As Bob Schieffer said this morning on a television program called Face The Nation, “…not as God has made them but as war has left them.”

My father served in World War II and the Korean Conflict and my father-in-law served in World War II. Both are no longer with us today.

My husband is a Vietnam-era veteran and my son-in-law served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. They both served their country and I’m proud. There are many that have served and haven’t come home and many more that are still engaged in war for this country and many countries all over the world yet to come home.

Growing up, Dad would tell us many stories about the war. One, in particular, I remember was when he told of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, Japan. He said they were the closest unit to the bombing and were the first ones deployed and on the scene to secure the area. He spoke of what it looked like in contrast to what he had seen before. Everything was leveled with white ash all over – no trees, no buildings. Nothing was moving and there appeared to be nothing alive. I still have that image of how devastating that must have been.

No one can be fully prepared for this devastation. No matter what your political views or on what side you take your position, war is hell on both sides – for the ones winning and the ones losing. It’s not a win-win proposition.

I think of the stories told in World War I (the war that was supposed to end all wars) when the opposing sides would break from fighting on Christmas and eat with one another and play cards.

It is my prayer that one day we will find a way to end the conflicts and fears and live together in love and harmony in our homes, communities and countries throughout the world.

No matter where you are or what country you live in, if you have lost loved ones in war or are remembering family and friends who have not fought in war but are no longer living, may you find comfort and peace in the arms of an angel on this Memorial Day Holiday weekend that we celebrate in the United States.

Video – In The Arms Of The Angel – Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban from Daving83 on YouTube

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JHS said...


Thanks for sharing this beautiful post for the very special Memorial Edition of the Carnival of Family Life at Colloquium! I hope you'll stop by and check out some of the other wonderful articles included in this weeks' edition!

Barbara Swafford said...

Hi Pat,

What a beautiful post.

You're right, Memorial Day is a great day to remember those who lost their lives fighting for the safety of others.

That's a chilling story your Dad shared about Hiroshima. What a vision that must have been.

I share your prayer for worldwide peach.

Pat said...

Barbara - thank you for your comments and I hope you're enjoying your Memorial Holiday weekend.

It is a time to remember those who have sacrificed so much so we can live how we live today.

I think of what Andy Rooney said last night on "60 Minutes" that they have not given their lives, it was taken from them.

The story of Hiroshima is a chilling one and hopefully one that we'll never repeat.

Blessings to you and your loved ones ~~ spread the hugs around.

Pat said...

Janie - thanks for including this post in your special Memorial Edition of the Carnival of Family Life.

I've checked out some of the posts and what an interesting collection. Something for everyone.

I appreciate you stopping by and commenting and letting me know this was included. I'll be stumbling.

Blessings and hope you enjoy your Memorial Holiday weekend with family and friends.

JEMi | Tips for Life, Love, You said...

I'd like to add my voice to that prayer.. This was beautiful and I really appreciate your writing this. Really I do. I could use a hug so here you go (( hugs ))

Darla Burch said...

Hello Pat, Thanks so much for your insight and wisdom. Your "story" and stories are beautiful, your spirit is precious and strong. Thanks also for your comments on my website. I'm truly thrilled to see and hear that you and your husband are "getting it" Yes!! What a blessing, I'd love to hear more! Those words are so real from Dr. Phil's show about the success of the couple's marriage being due to the fact the they didn't fall out of love at the same time! Thanks Darla

Pat said...

JEMi - hugs, hugs, hugs, HUGS - take as many as you need and I especially send my prayers and love to you and your family this Memorial Day weekend.

Crawl up on the lap of that special angel of yours and stay there as long as you like.

Love and Blessings,

Pat said...

Darla - thank you for stopping by and commenting. I'm happy you enjoyed the post and my stories and appreciate your kind words.

Your site, Making Marriage Last, has good information to help couples and their marriages.

Yes, 41 years seems like a long time to be married but even though we've changed over the years there is still a lot of the one we fell in love with present today. That part never changes, it only gets better.

Hope you stop by and visit again.