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Monday, February 4, 2008

Darkness Turned Into Light – A Rally to Support

Our bodies know what to do when infection invades. All the white blood cells rally to the area to fight off the intruder. Certain mammals and animal species circle their young for protection. As humans, we instinctively come to the aid of others when there is a cry for help (see my last post, Starfish and Humans – We All Need a Stranger to Come to Our Aid at Times.
Patricia Singleton in her last post, Welcome To My Dark Side expresses her angst and struggles – bringing the Light into the dark. That’s challenging for most of us and I want to dedicate this poem and post to her and suggest to those that read it to go to Patricia’s post and send her some Light. We’ve all had those times where we felt our darkest hour. I can relate to her anguish and despair as I recently passed down a similar road last week when without any warning I was released from a job (see my post, Thoughts Will Either Lift You Up Or...Do You In). I felt the old feelings of victimization and blame and then guilt wondering if there was something I did. The feelings were strong especially when the doubts and fears started to mount over money. Yes, I can relate to Patricia’s emotions questioning why she has the migraines and there’s the fear. It seems like these emotions and thoughts blindside and barrel over us to the point where you wonder, “What just happened!” It took me three days last week to allow the healing to take place. I intuitively realized that that’s why this happened. I needed to get over victimization once and for all and realize my self worth. In meditation and prayer it helped me to focus on “In an easy and relaxed manner – In a healthy and positive way, I will allow God to heal what has been brought to the surface and be guided what to do next.” (an adaptation from a quote Marc Allen uses in his book, The Greatest Secret of All).

Patricia is strong in writing about her true feelings and posting it for everyone to see. She’s not running from the dark but instead facing it and acknowledging it. I admire her for that and believe that through this truth there will come the healing and guidance she has longed for. Inspiration is all around in Spirit and Love. It shines through in all the posts she has written and shared with us.

When a new mother feels the contractions of childbirth, she breathes through it and focuses on something. When the darkness is all around us and seems to be bearing down we look for something that will take us through the waves of doubt and fear.

­Maybe a piece of music or an object you can focus on to sit quietly with and breathe while listening.
Some other things to help bring us through the darkness is a change in scenery. Go for a walk in the park or a hike in the woods or treat yourself to a massage.
Go to the library and find a good book or some poetry to read that will inspire.
Put some tapes on of a favorite motivational speaker and soak in the words.
Read some kind and loving words that friends extend to you through the internet or on the phone.
Play with children and laugh with them when they giggle.

Or, maybe it’s time when these things reappear and surface again to ask for Divine guidance to allow for complete healing and work through whatever process you’re given to accomplish that. I believe we’re in a time where more of our issues are resurfacing in order to finally heal so we can be in a position to be of true service.

Look at the amazing creations that we are, all the things we have done and the possibilities of what can still be done. These are incredible times and there is preparation going on to groom each of us to do the work that we’re being called to do. Take heart and know that “…God will provide something solid to stand on or … we will be taught to fly” and with this we can rally around Patricia in words of encouragement.

From the kitchen table - Pat
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Patricia Singleton said...

Pat, thanks for your support and words of wisdom. I always enjoy reading your articles.

Pat said...

Patricia - thank you for commenting and for enjoying the reading. I truly hope you're over the migraines and on the way to working through the darkness into the Light.