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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thoughts Will Either Lift You Up Or….Do You In

What have your thoughts been about today? Do you even remember? Until recently, this has been something that has challenged me and, consequently, it was reflective in my life. You can read a related post I wrote, called Believe and Keep Faith. But, slowly, I feel I’ve made progress in this area. In fact, when I first wrote this earlier today I could really see where I had made some changes in my life in the area of my thoughts. Then, the end of the day came and I was put to the test on what I was going to do with my thoughts. It was as if the universe was saying,“Do you really believe this – well, let’s see.” I was called in at work and fired (I don’t like the word fired so let’s say - let go). I've never been let go before and for lacking in PC skills (didn't minimize a page fast enough) and needing too much mentoring time?? Those old victim feelings and thoughts surfaced and started to take over. You know the ones:

“The reason they gave was lame.”
“Poor Pat."
"You’re rejected again – never appreciated for what you do.”
“What did I do to deserve this?”
But, I caught myself and even though the emotions were running wild I thought instead,

“God loves me.”
“There is a lesson here and this time I will see what it is I need to do to heal so I never have to repeat it again.”
“I will send love and blessings to this company and to those who let me go.”
“These people are my brothers and sisters and they are here to teach me so I can finally learn.”
“I am thankful for the opportunity I had for work and for the position I had for a short time.”
"What", you say, "Are you crazy?" "How will thinking like this ever change people or what happened to you?" "They don’t even know what’s going on in your head." Yes, I could think that but it would be a false sense of pride only leading me back to old victimization thoughts and this is the lesson to be learned. I don’t think it’s totally released for what I have to learn but I have turned it around and with God’s help I can heal and send love and blessings. Marianne Williamson said in her book, The Age of Miracles, “And everything that ever happens will be used to show us how we’re doing so far.”

We don’t realize how much influence and power we have just through what we’re thinking. Thoughts solely belong to us and it’s the one thing that can’t be taken away. Because they’re heard only by us, we can choose to either listen, ignore or change the thought.

Our thoughts are silent to others on the outside but through our thoughts we have the invisible connection to the Divine – a hotline to the Creator - instead of being connected to our circumstance. If we allow our thoughts to be affected by the circumstances this is what we create. If we think only on what we intend to manifest and keep our connection open to the Divine we will be guided on what action to take.

It seems simple but I think the problem is that we haven’t really grasped the fact that we can actually use our thoughts as a tool as you would your hands or legs. If you go to pick something up and it’s not what you want, you change where you reach and choose another item. You can do that with your thoughts. If you have a thought that’s not consistent with your intention you can change it to the thought that fits. Because our thoughts are intangible and silent and appear to be on autopilot, we don’t take them seriously – but we need to. This is the engine that drives everything into our existence. We need to pay attention to them.

I am out of a job and not real clear why. But, I’m better at changing my thoughts about this and taking full responsibility for my part (see my previous post, Taking Responsibility). I am closer to healing for which I am thankful to my teachers. Because I am working on keeping my thoughts on love and blessing, I keep my hotline open to the Divine and believe I will be shown where I am to be and best served. God bless all of you who are experiencing some of these things. Believe me when you get a glimpse of the end of the tunnel you will be grateful for having gone through what you did in order to be better for it. This time my thoughts are lifting me up and through this situation - not doing me in!

From the kitchen table - Pat
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