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Monday, January 14, 2008


I’m writing tonight on a combination of things. As I was catching up on reading some posts and e-mails today, I was reminded again of how grateful I am, the guidance I’ve been receiving even though I haven’t always been aware of it and to let our brilliance shine.

REMINDER: How Grateful I Am
From Colloquium’s All Women Blogging Carnival, I read Patricia Singleton’s post of her trip to India and even though this is not in the same way I was reminded how grateful I am for my 88-year old mother-in-law who is due to fly back home to Toledo, Ohio Tuesday. She has been out in Denver visiting with us, her sons and their families, for the holidays. What courage and determination she has traveling alone with her walker and diminished hearing. It was the first Christmas after losing Dad in May and she didn’t want to be home. Although she was in Denver in September, this trip took its toll on her with the altitude and high blood pressure. She landed in the emergency room which resulted in an eventual stay overnight to get her health stabilized. After so many years of taking care of Dad, she had ignored her own health and now the warning signs were there and it was time to do something. After coming out of the hospital and settling in at her son’s for the remainder of her trip, all the family gathered to visit with her yesterday to give her a send off. As she sat at the dining room table, we all gathered around her in a circle and each of us went up to her and said what was on our hearts. We each told her how much we love her; we asked for peace and protection to surround her and follow her home; we told her how proud we are of her now that she was the matriarch of the family; how she was like a mother to the daughter-in-laws; how we honor, value and respect her; and the sons told her how they have loved having her as their mother. She cried and her heart was full as she watched and listened to the great-grandchildren as they came up one-by-one to kiss her and tell her they love her. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and, yes, precious Lord, how grateful I am to have experienced yesterday with family.

REMINDER: Trust My Guidance
When I read Andrea Hess’ post today, it made me think lately of how I’ve been asking for guidance and what I do with it after I’ve asked. I must admit I have fallen into the category she mentions of wanting guarantees instead of guidance and her post struck a chord in my heart. There I go again, asking for guidance but not truly trusting and it’s so slick how you can be out of alignment without even knowing it. It’s been like a see-saw, back and forth. Last week, I asked for guidance about work and bang I got a call for an interview. Well, I thought, “Wow, that worked.” The interview went well and I thought I had the job until Friday when I was called and they had decided to hire someone else. “Who’s playing with my brain here?” Today, after I read Andrea’s post I realized I wasn’t trusting completely. I wanted step-by-step answers and was not having faith. I was hanging onto my rope – from a previous post I wrote. It didn’t take much to catch my thoughts and get realigned and to my amazement I received another phone call today. The same place I interviewed with last week that turned me down has hired me and I start Wednesday. I am grateful and thankful for the answers and guidance.

REMINDER: Let Our Brilliance Shine
All around me I see people doing amazing things. I read the posts and see how people have listened to their hearts and not the so-called “experts”. They have begun their businesses, written their blogs, struck out on a new adventure with a desire and some common sense. Christine OKelly reminded me of this today in her post, “How I Stopped Listening to Experts and Started Making Money”. She reminded me of the importance to let your brilliance shine no matter what your passion. Take the chance and go for it and push through all the thoughts that you can’t do it or that you’re not good enough. I have when I started my blog last November. I didn’t know what a blog was no less create one. Little did I know that I would enjoy it as much as I do and feel so fulfilled to have this venue to express what’s on my heart. Amazing things happen. Just like in a previous post when I wrote about Paul Potts, a car phone manager in Bristol, England as he takes a chance to audition in March 2007 for a new talent show in England called Britain’s Got Talent because of his love for opera. Enjoy as you watch his brilliance shine as he pushes past the doubts and fears. It will give you chills to see the transformation of the judges and the audience. You may not realize it – but you’re doing it. Maybe, it’s in a way that’s not as noticeable as auditioning on stage but no less significant. Keep on doing it and your brilliance will shine, too, just as Paul Potts.

From the kitchen table - Pat
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Patricia Singleton said...

Pat, I do enjoy your writing. My blog has only been around since June 2007 so I am not very far ahead of you in experience with blogging. I discovered blogs about a year ago. It has turned into such a wonderful opportunity to meet great new friends and to explore new ideas and to be inspired by other writers. Thanks for the link to my article.

Pat said...

Patricia - thank you for your comment. I'm happy to connect with you and share the same thoughts and feelings. I love your writing and appreciate the love and energy that you're putting out into the world.