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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I was thinking today, as I made my way up from the city to the mountains, of how much I love my home. I know home is different to everyone but to me when I break away from the traffic, city lights or sirens and begin to make that climb and see all around me the pine trees and hills, there’s no other feeling like it. We have lived in a small town about 45 minutes from outlying metropolitan Denver for 25 years. I remember when we first moved here from town, it took me 6 months to adjust to the quiet – no traffic noise or sirens. Now, as I sit here at my dining room table writing this post in the late afternoon and feel the warmth of the sun as it gets low in the sky, I hear the quiet. I know that sounds strange to be able to hear the quiet and stillness but you can and at first, before I adjusted, it seemed loud. I can hear the wind off in the distance blowing around as it moves and comes closer and passes through the trees so distinct and crisp.

The saying, “Home is where your heart is”, is so true. When I’m home, I’m content and my heart is warm. It’s hard to explain the feeling – you know it I’m sure when you think about your home. When you’ve lived in a place for awhile, your home has a history of all the times spent with the children when they were growing up, the grandchildren making memories and, now reminiscing, as my husband and I move closer to our golden years. In Colorado, it’s a place of seasons and the migration of wildlife. Just yesterday morning before dawn, we had a fox right outside of our bedroom window not 20 feet away. It was mesmerizing to watch his antics and hear his bark. We determined from his actions that he was probably a young male calling for his mate. Each day brings a new experience whether the snow is falling or, much like today, where the sun is shining with a cool breeze of winter. It takes your breath away.

Home is where…
I love and am loved
I cry and laugh
I grow and learn and discover myself
I’m comfortable
I work and play
I’m accepted
I’m safe and secure
I can unplug from the world
A place to make memories

God knew what He was doing when he created us with a meaning and love for home. I’m sure when it’s our time to leave this world and cross over and go back Home we’ll not feel like strangers but at peace drawn to that warmth, love and comfort of being back home.

From the kitchen table - Pat
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