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Thursday, December 27, 2007


With Thanksgiving earlier this year and now being in the season of giving and receiving, it may also be a good time to reflect again on how blessed we are. I’ll be noting some things in this posting to be grateful for and as you read on you may also add some things of your own.

Laughter – joy – family – peace!
Wind, rain, sunshine, snow!

Instead of always looking around at what we don’t have. We need to make time to seriously look at what we have and be thankful. Have you ever noticed how your attitudes change when you consciously choose to be grateful for all the little things around you?

Love – health – homes – work!
Eyes, ears, nose, mouth!

At first, because we’re changing modes and looking at what we have been blessed with, it may be hard to start rattling off a list of things to be thankful for. After you’ve mentioned the obvious things, you have to start to think. This is good because we’re giving it our full attention.

Children – nature – sun – atmosphere!
Clothes, food, water, heat!

You notice how you feel inside when you’re in an attitude of gratitude? It’s like there are no problems in the world. It feels peaceful and calm and safe. You just want to stay there.

Seeing – hearing – smelling – tasting!
Husband, wife, mother, father!

When you feel calm and peaceful you’re energy is high and you’re in a pure place where the law of attraction is in operation.

Walking – talking – running – jumping!
Friends, co-workers, class-mates, neighbors!

By putting ourselves in an attitude of gratitude, we are focusing on the positives and not the negatives. By focusing on the blessings we realize the possibilities.

Hands – legs – fingers – toes!
Hair, clothes, shoes, toys!

The list could go on and on but the point is to change our focus and feel in our hearts what we truly have been blessed with. It’s not just things like I’ve listed above; it’s our nature and strengths and abilities. Each one of us is writing our own personal story with our own unique setting and characters and how we interact and learn and grow is how we tell the story. Along the way, we are blessed and it’s not something we can hold onto. It’s meant to flow and move on and bless the next person and so on. Blessings are moving things with a life and energy that are meant to love and heal.

Healing – intelligence – strength!
Embrace – fortitude – persistence!
Unconditional love – patience – endurance!
Will power – faith – kindness – light worker!
Liberty – freedom – country – community!

Now, where did you get all those things? You are a wonderful creation with powers and abilities yet to be discovered. The divine knows who you are and you have been blessed beyond your wildest imagination! Let’s be thankful!

From the kitchen table - Pat
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