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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Forgiveness – Why Do We Make It So Hard?

(Photo by Microsoft Office Clipart)~~ This is not the easiest topics to talk about. One, because we don’t think we have anything to forgive others about; and two, we just aren’t willing to be responsible for the parts we play.

We have forgotten Who We Are

Not only can it be difficult to forgive others that we feel have hurt us but we make it down right impossible to forgive ourselves. Why is that? Why do we carry around so much pain for so many years? We give ourselves or the person we won’t forgive a life sentence. It’s like they have to pay for what they’ve done to you for the rest of their life.

We have forgotten Who We Are

There’s a beautifully illustrated children’s book Neale Donald Walsch wrote entitled The Little Soul and the Sun. He tells a sweet little story about a little boy in heaven who wants to feel what it’s like to be the Light and the part of special called Forgiving.

It’s hard for the Little Soul to know and feel himself as Light and forgiveness when he is surrounded by Light and there’s no one in heaven to forgive.

Then a friend of the Little Soul’s appears to help. The Friendly Soul said he could give him someone to forgive. In the Little Soul’s next lifetime the Friendly Soul would do something for him to forgive. He would slow down his vibration and become dark and dense. He would do this for him because he loves him.

They both had come together many times before each bringing the other what they needed in the perfect moment to express and experience who they really are. Now, the Friendly Soul in this lifetime would be the ‘bad one’ so the Little Soul could experience himself as the One Who Forgives.

The Friendly Soul only asks one thing in return and that is for the Little Soul to remember who he is. For if the Little Soul forgets they both may not be able to remember for a long time Who They Both Really Are. The Little Soul promised and God said smiling, “Always remember, I have sent you nothing but angels.”

Do You Remember Who You Are?

There is a lot of hurt and pain in the world today but if we can step back and remember this little story it will help us to forgive and when we offer up this true forgiveness the Light begins to shine again and ahhhh….We Remember.

From the kitchen table - Pat
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JEMi | Tips for Life, Love, You said...

what a lovely book - thats a children's story? it's deep :)

This is probably one of the biggest struggles I face today. Even though I don't run after those who hurt me with torches on a daily basis- it's something I have to work on to release. I think I've made major strides though because at one poin I wasn't even receptive to the idea OF forgiving. Realizing how much of my life I forfeit by holding a grudge makes me explore this topic more .. and write what I am excercising and learning on my own site.

I feel some of the freedom that comes from learning how to forgive. I don't hold most things .. but those I do were major

nevertheless there is such growth and healing that comes with letting go. It gives me more of myself - and I rather like that.

Stacey said...

What a Unique blog, I happen to like your format--- I have the same at mine!

Pat said...

JEMi - you're back - thank you for the comment and I'm happy you liked the book recommendation. Yes, this book is incredible. It's beautifully illustrated and is deep for where we're at as adults and also gives you something to share and talk about with the children. My grandson loves it.

Forgiving is something we all need to comes to terms with in our own circumstances. The sooner we learn to see the love in others instead of faults the sooner we'll see changes in our lives and in the world.

Keep up the great work you've been doing. It's inspiring and I hope you've begun to see who you truly are.

Hope you'll come back soon. It's great to hear from you again.

Pat said...

Stacey - thank you for stopping by and commenting.

Ditto - you're blog looks good - they're alike. I took a double take.

I like how your content is about family and the pictures you've posted. Makes me feel like I've gotten to know you a little more.

I hope you come back and visit again. Join us at the virtual internet kitchen table, pull up a chair and have a cup of coffee. You never know what conversations will come up. It's all part of the magic.

Tom Volkar / Delightful Work said...

Thanks Pat, I always love these deep recollection stories. Why else are we here, indeed, but to remember who we are and from where we came. Forgiveness gets a lot easier for me when I remember that we are all one.

Pat said...

Tom - it's a delight to have you stop by and comment and I'm happy you enjoyed the story.

You're right in the reason we're here is to remember who we are.

Forgiveness gets easier when we put it in that perspective.


Pat said...

Tom - I forgot to thank you for giving me an idea for my post tonight in your comment - "We are all one" (or something like that).


Patricia Singleton said...

Pat, I am currently reading the book "The Secret of the Shadow, The Power of Owning Your Whole Story" written by Debbie Ford. I am learning so much about myself and why it takes many of us so long to learn forgiveness. We use our stories and non-forgiveness to make the other person wrong which in turn keeps us from healing and releasing our pain.

Pat said...

Patricia - the book you're reading by Debbie Ford, "The Secret of the Shadow, The Power of Owning Your Whole Story", sounds interesting.

It's true that we seem to want to hold onto our stories and hurts only to be right.

If we'd only let go and not be attached to what people do -- or don't do -- we would be more free.

We invest so much in things going a certain way or people treating us the way we want that when it doesn't happen we're devastated.

If we could only see each other the way God see us -- forgiveness wouldn't be so hard.

Sounds like you're learning a lot -- I'm right there with you learning too.