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Monday, March 17, 2008

What Constitutes Wisdom?

(Picture by Microsoft Office Clip Art) ~~~~ I’ve often thought about wisdom and what it means? I guess so, since my blog carries the name. It’s an interesting topic – one in
which could be explored in more depth. I’ve marveled at those who possess this quality and carry it with such ease and little effort. How does one acquire wisdom? Is it through years of experience, a lot of book knowledge and certificates of accomplishments? Certainly, these things figure into wisdom but I believe it is much more.

I believe everyone possesses the quality of wisdom. It’s like an art form wanting to be carved from a piece of rock. For some it is more evident than in others as a diamond that has yet to be discovered. It’s a gem and when it’s in full flow it impacts everyone in its presence. Have you ever been with a few people when the discussion took on a life of its own and the spark of something said resonated deep within you? You had an “Ah ha” moment. That is wisdom being tapped within you from the wise words of others.

“We all sit around a circle and suppose while the secret sits in the middle and knows.”
- Robert Frost

(as quoted by Dr. Wayne Dyer in his lecture “The

Wisdom projects an essence and energy as if in constant communion with a higher source. When one is in harmony with themselves and the creation around them, they have a deeper understanding, a knowing. They are slow to speak and through the observations of life feel the depth of their experiences. When they allow themselves to feel the experience, wisdom grows.

“God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in the plants, walks in the animals, and thinks in you.”
- ancient Sanskrit saying

(as quoted by Dr. Wayne Dyer in Wisdom of the Ages)

We are all wise and when we stop to connect to this energy of life that is within us and in everything we tap in a knowledge that is profound and with meaning. It shows in those who have spent more time in this space and who are unconcerned with impressing others. They have connected with wisdom beyond their thoughts and want more. As Albert Einstein said, “I want to know the mind of God.”

What knowledge is forming within you yet to be shared with the world? What wisdom are you carrying and felt by others? It’s not the words, thoughts – those are just the messengers – it’s the message from the heart that is felt. It is Wisdom.

From the kitchen table - Pat
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natural woman said...

well if I can quote the book of Proverbs: Money is for a protection, but wisdom preserves alive its owner.
Something like that. :)

Ian Denny said...


I found your blog via Barbara at "Blogging without a blog".

I always look forward to Tuesday, because Barbara (bless her!) always features her discoveries.

And like the topic of this post, her choices are wise indeed.

Wisdom is indeed an interesting topic. Sometimes associated with age, it's not always the case. I see wisdom in my 6 year-old daughter. Her perspective isn't clouded or prejudiced, and because of her no nonsense view of things, she has regularly helped see the world from a different perspective.

Jodith said...

Hi, there. I just found your blog on Blogging Without a Blog, and I've already subscribed!

I've thought often about the conception of wisdom. How, indeed, do we learn to be wise? I know that for myself, what little wisdom I have has been gained through the most difficult times of my life. It is reflecting on those times and learning from them that I began to glean a bit of wisdom. Over the years, I've learned how to do that from the good times in my life as well, but it was reflecting on the hows and whys of the darkest times of my life that taught me how to be reflective in general and how to learn from my experiences.

And all that longwindedness is to say that I believe wisdom is gained through reflection on our experiences in life. We all have the same capacity to become wise, if we only take the time to learn from ourselves.

JEMi | Tips for Life, Love, You said...

I found your blog courtesy of Barbara over at Blogging Without A Blog and I am so pleased with what I see here. I am actually working through my first Dr. Wayne Dyer lecture (power of intention) and I have a deep profound respect for the wisdom he shares.

I deeply relate to this statement " It’s a gem and when it’s in full flow it impacts everyone in its presence. Have you ever been with a few people when the discussion took on a life of its own and the spark of something said resonated deep within you? You had an “Ah ha” moment. That is wisdom being tapped within you from the wise words of others"

Keep up the wonderful writing. It's a surprise delight in my day!

Pat said...

JEMi - I thank you for your comment and Barbara for putting us in touch. If you're just starting Dr. Wayne Dyer's lectures you are in for such a treat. His books and lectures are a big part of why I'm here today and why I started Wisdom for the Ages (see my profile) inspired from his book "Wisdom of the Ages" and now this blog.

It's means a lot when I hear you say you were able to relate to something I said. I appreciate that. But that's what it's all about when we connect heart-to-heart. There is no distance in time and place.

Come back and visit again and I'll put a pot of coffee on. Maybe we can talk about what you're learning over there with Dyer's lectures.

Pat said...

jodith - welcome and thank you for coming to visit from Barbara's Blogging Without a Blog.

This concept of wisdom has always fascinated me especially when I'm in the presence of someone who has captured that wisdom. It's an energy about them and a knowing that's hard to explain but yet you feel.

You're right in that life teaches us and if we're wise we'll learn because it touches a place within us that would have not been touched otherwise - for that we can be thankful.

Join us around the kitchen table - bring your coffee cup and share with us some of these experiences from which you've gained wisdom. I hope you'll come back.

Pat said...

Ian - I'm glad you found me via Barbara's site - Blogging Without A Blog.

I agree with your perspective that wisdom doesn't just come with age. It seems our children are more connected to this life force that is in everything and remember that dimension more clearly as it wasn't long when they were there.

You can take it further and contemplate how not only children but animals retain this wisdom.

It's within us - we just have to put aside all the distractions of the world and rediscover it.

Hope you'll come by again and visit and share you're wisdom.

Pat said...

Natural Woman - thank you for your comment and for the quote from Proverbs. I tried to find the quote but my references were limited.

Wisdom, when it is connected to God or life force, is what preserves us. It will guide us every moment of our lives if we'll but listen.

Appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Hope you come back again soon.