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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

To Be – It’s The Answer Not The Question

(Picture by Microsoft Office Clipart) ~~~ I was sitting here tonight thinking about writing my post. I like to share stories and thoughts with you regularly but no ideas were coming. Sometimes, I have an idea I think about for a couple of days and other times like this – no thoughts, but then the words just happen.

Earlier, before I sat down to write, I was observing and exploring what it feels like to just be – allowing the present moment unfold the way it’s supposed to happen. One of the ways you can access that space is by paying attention to your breathing – in and out. No judgments, no expectations – just observation. It simulates the ocean and rhythm of the waves flowing out and pulling back in – back and forth. When we allow ourselves to be quiet by watching our breathing, it cuts out the mind chatter. To me, this is being – being in the present moment.

If you’re thinking, “Let me try this or do that”, you’re not allowing and surrendering to the moment. You’re mind is orchestrating again and you won’t find the present moment there. You have to let go as you watch your breathing.

We all want to find that place of peace. Sometimes, we just want to escape from the noise and chatter but what better place can you distinguish the space of being in the present moment than in the midst of confusion and disorder? Jesus demonstrated it when he walked on the water in a storm. We can tap into our source of creativity and find the answers to our deepest questions in this space of being in the present moment. It’s waiting to be discovered but can’t be accessed through the ego.

Notice and feel the water as you wash your hands? When you walk up the stairs, pay attention to how your body balances itself as you take each step and the movement of your muscles and joints in motion moving up the stairs. Don’t put any labels on it just suspend your thoughts and be aware. This is the beginning of the awakening of being in the present moment.

David said in Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God”. There’s that word be again and look at what company it keeps. As we move along this path, our journey becomes easier and the load gets lighter as we learn to be with the ebb and flow of life unfolding in the present moment.

From the kitchen table - Pat
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Barbara Swafford said...

Hi Pat,

I'm checking in on my NBOTW. I like this post, and I like the way you include scripture.

As I was reading your post I was reminded of Eckhart Tolle's book, "The Power of Now", then I saw it was one that you recommend on Amazon. It's obvious we like the same kind of books (although my time for reading books is pretty slim).

Enjoy your day. I'll be back again soon.

Pat said...

Barbara - thank you for your comment and I'm happy that you liked this post.

If you enjoyed Tolle's book the "Power of Now" his latest book will "blow" your socks off ("The New Earth: Awakening tT Your Life's Purpose").

I just started a full time job and am finding it harder to juggle my time too. So, I can relate to what you say about time for reading.


JEMi | Tips for Life, Love, You said...

I have been practicing this lately. I have found that I needed to practice it over and over - and I'm achieving that state of 'being' a little easier. The thing is perhaps I have been addicted to my stress, my upsets, my busyness, and my chaos. When I would try to still my mind, I would have to catch myself because a plethora of thoughts could come all at once. Who multitasks being still and writing a mental to do list?!

It is delicious to just be. Once I tried it, I decided to incorporate it into my daily life and I have nevr felt better. It helps me think clearer..

I don't think it was an accident that I discovered this blog, through Barbara no less (go Barbara!)

It's just what I need. Thank you for such a delightful post Pat!

That kitchen of yours is becoming a favorite place :)

oh and Tolle's books are definitely on my reading list :)

Pat said...

JEMi - thank you for stopping back and for your comment. I like that you're practicing the state of being and stilling your mind. I have been working on this too. With all the years of conditioning it won't happen right away. I have days that are better than others. I'm learning right along with you.

I tried to check out your blog but your link doesn't take me anywhere. Let me know the hyperlink to your blog - I'd like to see what you write and make it available for others as well.

Kitchen is open and table is waiting. Hope you'll stop back again and share more thoughts.


Patricia Singleton said...

I am learning so much from Oprah and Eckhart Tolle right now. Each week of the web class gets better than the week before. "Be still and know that I am God." is one of my favorite quotes from the Bible.

Pat said...

Patricia - I'm so happy to see you back - thank you for your comment.

I'm there with you in learning from Oprah's telecast and Eckhart Tolle's book.

Now that I've started back to work full time the days are all a blur. But I take a few moments here and there to reconnect - breathe, or sit in the park. The silence and stillness is key for me.

Keep me posted on how you're doing with this book and teaching. Maybe we can compare notes and help each other.