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Monday, March 10, 2008

Capturing the Magic

We just had our 23-month old grandson spend the weekend with us. Each time he comes there’s a renewed spirit of wonder as I watch him explore his world and revel in his new creations. He takes such pleasure making sounds with his mouth or pushing the sliding door open and close – open and close. If ever one needed to be reminded of how to be in the present moment, sit with a child for a day and feel what they feel in their sense of wonderment. It’s magical.

It takes me back to when I was a child visiting my grandmother’s. It was the simple things that I remember most - playing marbles or games like kick-the-can. I have still tried to recreate her macaroni and cheese to this day without success. I tell myself it’s because the cheese is processed differently today than it was back then. Still, remembering the sounds and smells of that old creaky house brings a warmth of being home. Just the sound of her "WOOO" from the back part of the house, as she heard us come in, letting us know, “here we are”, we’re home.

I watch my grandson and know that we’re allowing the same space for him to create magic just as we had as children and still have. This world is a magical place as we recapture what we had as children looking at our lives through the eyes of innocence. It’s when we keep our eyes stationed on problems, the next job, or “How am I going to do that?” that dampens the mystical presence of possibilities and the magic.

So, if you’re looking for some magic, look to the simple things: a gentle breeze, the water flowing through your hands as you wash them, the sunlight cascading through the trees. Take note of your breathing, as Andrea Hess of Empowered Soul said in her Aligning with Divine Abundance teleclass, “breathing is natural abundance freely to receive”. This will put you in the present moment and in the present moment is where miracles reside. Enjoy the magic of life – it is a gift.

From the kitchen table - Pat
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Jonathan Mead said...

I'm really enjoying your blog. I added you as a friend on Stumble from Behind the Screens experiment as well. I hope we can help each other out. =)

Pat said...

Jonathan - it's great to have you stop by and I'm happy you're enjoying my blog. Thank you for letting me know you've joined Slade's Behind the Screens "Stumbling Again -- Traffic Experiment".

I tried to review your post 7 Lessons from the World's Greatest Thinkers from your site but it couldn't find your page. So, I reviewed it from My Favorites on StumbleUpon.

Hope this helps and hope you continue stopping by.