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Monday, March 24, 2008

BEING Who You Intend To Be – Doing What You’re Doing

(Picture from Microsoft Clipart) ~~~ A lot of what I’ve been reading lately impresses on me the importance of bringing our Being into whatever we do throughout the day. From that we can become more awakened.

Akemi in her blog, Yes To Me had a recent post, The X-Factor of Entrepreneurship, that really brought it home for me when she said, “BE who you intend to be whatever you are DOING”.

She talks about asking for guidance in clarifying her niche when guidance came quite unexpectedly. Akemi goes on to tell that there was a book signing going on at a book store she stopped in after she left her CPA's office and she stayed on to listen to the author speak. In the Q&A segment, she listened closely as Neale Donald Walsch relayed a personal story of how he was frustrated in wanting to be a wise man to others but couldn’t seem to accomplish that. He was asked what did he need to DO right now and he answered in frustration that he needed to go to the store but that wasn’t what he wanted to do. He was then told to be the wise man he wanted to be while he was going to the store.

As it turned out, he met a woman who was frustrated and upset with she saw her child picking grapes while she was tending to something else. She yelled and hit the little boy’s hand. Neale noticed this and went up to her saying she didn’t need to do that to her child. That made her more upset as she told her stories and shouted her frustrations but he repeated what he said 2 more times. She finally realized something had happened and sobbed asking him if he was a minister of some kind.

What I realized in reading Akemi's account of this story is that every moment we can bring our Beingness into whatever it is we’re doing – driving, phoning a friend, scheduling appointments, working at your desk. In fact, if we bring this Beingness into every moment of our lives we join with the Source’s life energy and free up the flow for things to move in our lives for what we really want to do, as it did for Neale Donald Walsch.

There is something very powerful when we learn to bring our Beingness in our everyday lives, no matter what we’re doing. As Eckhart Tolle said in his web telecast tonight with Oprah on his book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose (Oprah's Book Club, Selection 61)(Paperback), “BE a conscious space of presence if you want to help people.” When you allow whatever you’re doing and what others around you are doing to unfold as they will, you are holding that space for it all.

I think the more we learn to be conscious of who we are and feel it and live it everyday, there will be a transformation in our lives and in our world.

From the kitchen table - Pat
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JEMi | Tips for Life, Love, You said...

oh I'm sad! I wanted to check that telecast tonight

I find that bringing my Beingness into play is sometimes a struggle not because its hard but bc I have to remember to do it! Nevertheless - it's so worth it. I'm addicted to that feeling of connection and am willing to make the tweaks in lifestyle to achieve that as consistently as I can :)

I'm going to check out Akemi's link right now! Thanks for this post - always a delight!

Akemi said...

Thank you for expanding on my post. It was wonderful to see Neale Donald Walsch -- his presence felt very good. It was clear, beyond words, he was not trying to take something out of people (even though he was selling his books ^-^)
You are doing beautiful job here. I stumbled!

Pat said...

JEMi - thank you for your comment. I'm sorry you missed the telecast too but you can still sign up and download the telecasts you missed for free. You'll find the info on
A New Earth Telecast - Oprah and Eckhart Tolle.

I understand what you're saying about bringing Beingness into play. It's a process and as we practice it more and more we'll notice our progress. Eckhart touched on this last night.

Akema will appreciate you stopping by her blog. It's new and she is happy to get the word out.

Table is ready for conversation any time. Glad you stopped by.


Pat said...

Akemi - thank you for your comment and for sharing the story. It must have been a special moment to experience the synchronicity and the message from Neale Donald Walsch. It sounded like it was meant just for you.

It means a lot to hear your feedback from my blog and that you're able to take something from it and get a lift for the day.

Join us again - maybe pull up a chair and sit at the kitchen table with us and share.