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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Living Our Amazing Lives - Fully

I read two posts today that made me realize how incredible my life is (see Challenge: Stop Existing and Start Living an Amazing Life by Self Made Chick) and how I can be truly happy in this wonderfully amazing life (see Personal Hack’s post Desire Without Attachment to Outcome). When you stop to think that we only get one chance to live the life we dreamed, why would we want to settle for anything less? It seems like I’ve spent almost a lifetime working on myself – change this attitude, work out this belief – and I settled for whatever came my way. These two wonderful posts shed some needed light on how precious my life is and to go for it with joy.

I have come a long way, as I’m sure most of you have in personal growth. I’m proud of what I’ve learned and overcome but what I realized is that instead of fully working on how much more I should improve, I need to live fully appreciating who I have become. How can I do that and be fully alive?

1. Let go….truly let go. Take care of what you can and let the rest go turning it over to our Source. We wonder why we don’t see what we want happening and it’s because we don’t truly let go and trust. When we want something, let go of the outcome. Also, let go of people’s opinions and what they think you should or should not be doing. No one can understand what you feel from the inside, only you. Honor that.

2. Don’t live in fear. Recognize it and change it by visioning being happy in the present moment. Identify if you’re looking for happiness in your life situations or your aliveness. As Andrew in Personal Hack says,

“As I mentioned your life situation are your current circumstances and situations in life. Your aliveness on the other hand is separate from your life situation. Your aliveness is your present moment, it’s here and now regardless of your past or your future.”
Realizing the difference in these two allows you to see if you’re putting all your energy for happiness in the wrong place. “Embrace the fact that fear and rejection are part of the process,” as said by Christine in Challenge: Stop Existing and Start Living an Amazing Life. When you take risks in life to realize your dream it’s only normal that you would encounter fear and some rejection. Don’t stop there. The world is waiting for a cure for cancer or world peace and it’s waiting for you and me to step up, take part and play our roles.

3. Look at failure differently, not as a measurement of your worth but what you still need to do to realize your success. Very few hit the mark the first time out. It’s a process where we continually keep molding and redefining our ambitions and life’s dreams – our amazing life. Build on the little successes as they come and be open to change and direction to make it better.

4. Set yourself up to succeed. The Universe believes in succeeding and you see it in nature. It turns whatever is available or whatever situation that happens into good by rebuilding, changing and improving. When there is a forest fire nature rebuilds and some flowers that had never been able to survive before in the thick of a forest can now germinate and grow. Meadows flourish and animals have more forage. Set your vision on success and it will follow.

These are some things I realized in reading these posts in how to take charge of my life. It’s my life, the only one I have been blessed with….and I want to live it amazingly. How about you? Let’s all do it together.

From the kitchen table - Pat
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Patricia Singleton said...

Pat, I love your title. I just mentioned to a friend in an email today how amazing my life has been recently. I told him that this week wonderful things are happening that I would never have imagined. Ain't life grand.

Pat said...

Patricia - thank you for your comment. I'm looking forward to reading about these wonderful, amazing things on your blog at ( - Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker. Yeah! Life is grand.