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Monday, December 31, 2007


Here we are this evening poised at the edge where the years collide with one another. We are reminiscent of what took place in 2007 and hopeful when ringing in 2008. Some of us will be sad to see 2007 go and others will be glad and look forward to a new beginning in 2008. For me personally, I have some things to be thankful for in 2007 but am one of the ones looking forward to a new beginning in 2008 and I don’t want to carry over those things I had difficulty with in 2007 that I still need to learn even though I know it doesn’t work that way. I’m looking forward to a fresh new beginning – no diets, no resolutions – just being free and appreciating life on this path I have chosen. It has not been an easy road and I know a lot of it I’ve made harder for myself when I could have chosen differently.

In 2008, I want to continue to feel love for myself the way God feels love for me; to continue learning my full potential and shine in it and not shrug and make excuses for it; to live in the realization that I am a creation of God and to express that in the best way I know how. I have hope in this new beginning. I know there are those of you around the world who are experiencing a gamut of changes on the crest of this New Year. And some of you may need some hope in the process. There is a beautiful little story about Hope called 4 Candles(copyright by - after you click on hyperlink be sure to scroll down to the bottom in that site and click on movie. I had lost the link to this story and am thankful to be able to find it again on this site at John Mark Ministries. Sometimes, when we feel like we’ve lost it all, this little movie clip is a reminder that as long as we have Hope we can always rekindle Peace, Faith, and Love. It only takes a kind word or gesture to give us hope and make us feel like we count. Unfortunately, when we’re in those states when we need hope the most, our thoughts and feelings are not aligned with all that’s possible. That’s when we need each other’s help.

So, as this New Year rings in this evening be happy, be hopeful for all the new possibilities and share that hope with someone. You might be the one spark they needed to begin 2008! Happy New Year – be safe and may you all be blessed with all that God has for you!

From the kitchen table - Pat
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