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Friday, December 14, 2007

Build This Blog and They Will Come

In 1989, a movie came out entitled, “Field of Dreams”, with Kevin Costner playing the lead role. You may remember a famous quote from that movie, “If you build it, he will come.” It was a powerful movie about a corn farmer in Iowa who loved baseball. He hears a voice one day and understood the message to mean for him to build a baseball field on his farm. When he builds the field, ghosts of baseball legend Shoeless Jackson and seven other players from the 1919 Chicago White Sox come to play. Since then, I’ve heard this quote used in a number of ways so I thought I’d use it for today’s posting – “If I build this blog, they will come.”

For several years now, I’ve been searching for a venue for Wisdom for the Ages, a gathering I created in the corporate world where everyone (management/non-management) can come and sit in a circle, similar to Native American tradition, and, using a talking stick, share their wisdom on a number of topics (go to one of my postings for a little story of what it was like when I started this: Truth and Beauty). For most of my life, I’ve had the desire to connect, not only for myself but I also enjoy when others do. So, I started the talking-stick meetings and it was successful until that door closed and the company relocated back east. I then took it out of the corporate environment into leads groups, business groups, chambers of commerce, etc. and it didn’t really have the presence or accomplish what I felt it could have. As most of you, I’ve had countless experiences and lessons I’ve learned and I yearned to share them and in turn listen to others. I’ve always believed that if you felt safe - when you are the most vulnerable - and can talk from the heart, they are the times when healing takes place. That’s what I felt growing up listening, late at night, to the grownups talk sitting around the kitchen table. See a previous post on Family and Going Home. It was a bonding time, a safe haven, where you can tell it like you feel it and you’re still accepted and loved. I’ve wanted to create that for others in all walks of life whether in the corporate world, communities, families, etc., except the time or place never seemed to be right - until now.

Here we are with my 15th post. You can’t physically sit around a kitchen table but you can be reached from all ends of the globe through the wonders of the internet and we can connect. It has started and you’re coming and I thank you. I trust you’ll enjoy what you read. As this progresses, in the future I look forward to creating a forum where we can exchange our stories, our experiences and together share our wisdom. So, keep on coming and keep on reading. I value and appreciate all of you.

From the kitchen table - Pat
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